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8pm - 2am

8pm - 11pm

closed for iron man race

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General Admission - $25 

This ticket is entitled to one ticket into the General Admission line. Wait times are the longest in this line and can not be refunded. You can upgrade this ticket at anytime and pay the difference if you would like to move thru the line faster.

Fast Pass - $40

This ticket is for our Fast Pass Line which will put you in a shorter line, by passing the general admission. This will cut your wait line dramatically. This ticket can be upgraded to the VIP Front of the Line Tickets if needed buy paying the difference.

VIP - Front Of The Line - $60

Don't have time to wait? This is the ticket for you. By purchasing this ticket, you will bypass both General Admission and Fast Pass lines and move directly to the front of the line. (Please understand, some guests in front of you may have also purchased this ticket and you may still have a short wait, but is by far the quickest into the haunt)


All sales are final and there are no refunds. This haunted hotel is considered extreme and the actors will touch and interact with you. 

Warning!  actors will touch you



actors will touch you

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