Yes, it is possible. Our haunt plainly displays at the ticket booth, the front door, the greeter, the website.... Pretty much everywhere!!! There is a possibility of being touched inside our haunt. The house has very close quarters and small tight spaces....Our actors are trained to push the limits and keep our CUSTOMERS SAFE all at the same time!!! SAFETY is our #1 MISSION along with scaring you to death. Please do not touch our actors. We are not trying to hurt you, grope you, or anything bad....It's a show and we are trained to do so... Altering our show or hitting back only causes danger to everyone!! If you can't handle this possibility of being TOUCHED, please do not come!!

When are coupons valid?

Coupons are only valid on Thursday and Sunday

How can I avoid long lines? I don't have a lot of time to wait?

You can bypass the long wait on busy nights by purchasing a VIP - FAST PASS which will move you to the front of the line! Purchase them online at our website or at our ticket office on location.

Do you offer group discount packages?

Yes we do. Groups of 15 or more can receive a group discount. Please email us at hauntedhotelky@gmail.com or Facebook us, or even call us! 502-618-1458 for info and payment.

Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes you can.... Please CLICK HERE

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes we do. Cash is always preferred, but the plastic is just fine. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are excepted.

What time do you all Close?

Friday and Saturday nights we are open til 2am and Thursday and Sunday we are open from 8pm - 11pm. For special events, please check our site or call us 502-618-1458.

Where are you located?

We are located 2 blocks from Churchill Downs off Central Ave. at 3000 S. 4th St. Louisville, KY 40208

It's raining.... Are you OPEN?

Yes we are.... We are open, rain or shine!! Our actors seems to get more crazy when it rains....

How long is the wait?

Our wait times vary throughout the season. Sometimes 15-30 minutes up to 2-3 hours on busier nights. The closer to Halloween the bigger the crowds are. Please come early in the evening to avoid lines. 10pm-1am is our busiest time of the night. We open early September, so you have plenty of time.

Is this haunt really extreme?

Yes, it is... Plain and Simple....We are extreme, There is vulgar language and grotesque suggestions.

I got too scared and can't finish, can i have my money back?

No!!!! We offer absolutely no refunds. For any reason.

Who do I contact about Media relations?

Please send all media relations to hauntedhotelky@gmail.com or call during business hours and ask for Kevin. We are usually busy, so email is the best.

I heard you have an elevator, does it go to the 13th floor and will i get my money back if I reach the top?

Don't be silly, no haunt exists that has 13 floors and you don't get your money back either. It's an urban legend.

Can we bring our phones or a flashlight?

Absolutely not... This is our show for you. Lights of any kind can ruin it for the whole group. Also leave your drinks and food outside!

Can i be kicked out?

Yes you can. We do not allow line jumping, vulgar behavior, alcohol, or weapons of any kind, etc. Warnings are usually given first. Please be respectful.

Do you have security?

Yes Haunted Hotel employees the Local Sheriff Department for security. Rarely is there ever an incident at Haunted Hotel, it's for safety precautions.

Where do i park?

Haunted Hotel has plenty of off street parking and local business parking lots around the haunt.

I am pregnant, can i still go through?

It is not recommended or encouraged to enter Haunted Hotel while pregnant have heart conditions, or in poor health.

I am too scared inside the haunt and want to LEAVE!! Can I leave?

Yes you can, simply tell an actor you want to leave the haunt and you need to be taken out and they will get someone to safely remove you from the haunt. DO NOT RUN!!

Is there a lot of smoke and strobe lights?

Yes Haunted Hotel uses many strobe lights, loud noises, loud music, extreme props, and fog machines to alter your senses. If you find yourself in need of assistance, please tell an actor and they will escort you out.



actors will touch you

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Louisville, KY 40208

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